Making online rent payments at your convenience

October, 20, 2016



You can now pay your rent securely online at any time and free of charge with allpay Internet Payments.

It is quick and easy to make a one-off payment or a regular payment if you prefer.

You will need to register once, by clicking on the icon below, then just follow the instructions provided.

All you need is internet access, an email address, a valid allpay payment card or barcoded bill and a current credit or debit card.

You can register more than one allpay card (if you have a parking account) and more than one credit or debit card. You can also see your payment history.

If you have misplaced your allpay card, please contact the housing management team at head office and we will order a replacement.

For some more useful advice about paying your rent, please click here.

Click on the logo below to pay your rent