Often disputes between neighbours can often be resolved by simply talking to one another. IDS would always suggest that if you’re having problems, for example with noise, then simply speaking to your neighbour will resolve the issue.

There are however, times where people may find it difficult to approach their neighbour so IDS offers access to different mediation services throughout the city.


Anti-social behaviour and its perpetrators will not be tolerated by IDS or those who live within its communities. IDS will use the full spectrum of tools and powers it possesses to ensure its tenants do not have to suffer from the small minority who would act in such a manner.


Tackling anti social behaviour and its causes can be a complex process, requiring expertise and skills from a wide range of disciplines.

IDS works in partnership with various agencies and organisations throughout London to facilitate interventions, develop new preventative measures and undertake enforcement action.


Respect: ASB Charter For Housing

IDS signed the Respect: ASB Charter for Housing in 2011. The Charter has seven core commitments which provide the building blocks on which our ASB Service is based:

  • Demonstrating leadership and strategic commitment.
  • Providing an accessible and accountable service.
  • Taking swift action to protect communities.
  • Adopting a supportive approach to working with victims and witnesses.
  • Encouraging individual and community responsibility.
  • Having a clear focus on prevention and early intervention.
  • Ensuring a value for money approach is embedded in the service.

We work with our Tenants’ Forum and Tenants’ Associations to ensure we are held accountable for our performance and publish our ASB monitoring results on a quarterly basis at the end of each year.

We hold regular meetings with our tenants to listen to them about what problems are affecting where they live and work to find resolutions.