Corona Virus – beware of Fraud

March 27, 2020 / Comments Off on Corona Virus – beware of Fraud


This is a difficult time for us all to adjust to new ways of working and living.

It is important to not let your guard down at a time when fraudsters begin to thrive.

Stay alert to suspicious emails, calls or texts claiming to be from us, our suppliers or other contacts such as your bank.

Security experts are warning that cybercriminals are targeting individuals and business in attacks disguised as information about how to protect yourself or even cure coronavirus.

Some common scams associated with coronavirus are:

• Click here for a cure
• COVID-19 tax refund
• Safety measures
• The virus is now airborne
• Donate here to help the fight

Be careful about where you get your information from about coronavirus, use Government and NHS websites or reputable news outlets for the latest information.

Remember to treat any contact via email or SMS which you are not expecting with caution and THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK any links.