IDS is now Carbon Neutral Plus

September 7, 2020 / Comments Off on IDS is now Carbon Neutral Plus


What does this mean?

We have now completed a review of the greenhouse carbon emissions caused directly by our activities during 2019/20. It is the first step in a journey to better understand the impacts on the environment of our actions. Generally this relates to the use of fossil fuels for running our offices and the communal areas of blocks we own, and staff / resident transportation.

We have started to offset twice what we produce each year to repair some of the damage our historical emissions will have caused. This means we will now offset 1,626 Tonnes CO2e (twice our annual emissions of 813 tonnes).

We will then use that as a base line while we adopt a twin track approach:

  • To reduce the activities that cause the most harm going forward; and
  • Offset using a number of qualifying accredited projects

You may have already seen some of this work in action; as our Estates Services team have now replaced 3 older vans with nice, new electric ones.

Going forward we will also be working with residents to see how we can reduce the domestic carbon emissions associated with running our homes, which can help the environment and save money!