What is SeeMyData?

SeeMyData is a secure online service that allows tenants to view information about their housing including rent accounts, personal & property details, repairs history, contact details and more. SeeMyData makes this data and these functions are available to you 24 hours a day. You can also request updates to your personal and property details and complete numerous forms to make requests, reports or submit feedback on a number of different subjects. Registration and site use are free.

How do I log on?
Click the Sign in button in the navigation bar at the top, to sign into your SeeMyData account.

If you do not have an account, then please register first.

Is SeeMyData secure?

SeeMyData uses the latest technology and encryption methods to keep your data safe. Site registration and sign in requires the user to add in details that will only be known to them.

Registering to use SeeMyData

Registering to use SeeMyData is simple and free. There are a number of different ways that you can register.

  • Self registration
    All you are required to do is add information into the text boxes on the registration page. You will be required to enter a favourite word during the registration process. You will need to use characters from this favourite word when you log into SeeMyData. The registration page is located by clicking the yellow icon at the bottom of this page. Your PIN number will then either be shown on the screen to you, emailed to you or passed to you by an administrator.
  • Administrator registration
    Reception staff are trained to register you to use SeeMyData. Please ensure that you take identification with you when visiting our offices to request registration for SeeMyData.



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