Your rights to compensation



You have a right under certain conditions to compensation in respect of:

  • Our failure to repair in the specified period
  • A loss of services
  • Improvements undertaken by tenants to their property
  • Loss of amenity

Written permission must be obtained for the improvement, along with confirmation that the improvement is eligible for compensation, which will be paid when you leave.

Tenant feedback and key performance indicators

All projects now undertaken with a value of £30k or more are subject to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are a set of criteria issued by the Department of Trade & Industry which are then measured against the project performance. The areas measured normally include:

  • Client satisfaction – product
  • Client satisfaction – service
  • Tenant satisfaction – product
  • Tenant satisfaction – service
  • Predictability – cost
  • Predictability – time
  • Defects at handover
  • Health and safety

Customer satisfaction surveys are issued shortly after the completion of a project to gauge tenant feedback and give tenants the opportunity to report on any outstanding work which may have been missed, as access is not always easy to arrange.

The above measurements are examined to see how each project has performed against a national average. The results are used to indicate which areas of performance require improvement and how this can best be achieved.


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