Fire Safety

July 18, 2017 / Comments Off on Fire Safety


Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, we wrote to all residents to reassure them and offer fire safety advice. IDS does not own any buildings over six floors or any with cladding. We carry out regular fire checks and ensure that any recommendations are followed.There’s lots of useful advice at

If a fire is within your home:

  • Get everyone out – move a safe distance away from the building
  • Close the door behind you
  • Warn neighbours if you are able
  • Do not use lifts, use the stairs
  • Ring 999 from outside

If the fire is in another flat in the same block:

It is generally safer to stay inside your own flat where the structure should protect you unless heat and smoke are affecting you.

If you have any doubts then leave your flat if it is safe and you are able to do so and if the escape route is clear. Follow the instructions above.

If your home is affected but you are unable to leave the building:

  • Call for help from a window
  • Use towels and sheets around the edges of doors to prevent smoke from getting in.
  • If affected by smoke, stay as low as possible, even if it means crawling on hands and knees.