How we let out our empty homes for rent

IDS have properties in Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Barnet, Redbridge, Southwark and Canvey Island

We make around 50 to 60 new lettings a year. Please be advised that we, along with most social landlords, have a high demand for our properties which vastly outweighs the supply. As such, some people may wait for a number of years and other people may never be housed. We therefore recommend every applicant to join their local authority waiting list where possible.

We allocate from a variety of sources:

Local authority nominations

You will need to be registered with one of our partner local authorities and they will nominate applicants based on their own criteria.


Internal transfers

This list is for existing IDS tenants who have a need to move to another IDS property. You will need to register with us to be placed on our internal transfer list.


Direct applicants for sheltered housing

We have open waiting lists for our over 60’s sheltered housing schemes in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Redbridge. You will need to register with us to be placed on our sheltered housing list.


Community letting scheme

Household members over the age of 25 and living in an overcrowded IDS property can apply to us for their own housing with IDS. Please note this scheme may only equate to 1, possibly 2 allocations per year.


Referral agencies

IDS works with partner agencies working in the Jewish community and with organisations who work with victims of domestic abuse.



How am I nominated from the waiting lists?

If you are near the top of certain waiting lists you will be invited to ‘bid’ for the available property you are eligible for.


What does bidding mean?

It means that when a property becomes available we ask the top-ranked applicants to let us know if they are interested in being considered for it.

Bidding is the term that we use for people to let us know they are interested and would like to be considered for an available property. Bidding does not involve any cost. The property is allocated to the person that is highest on the waiting list from those top-ranked applicants who expressed an interest in the property.


How do I tell you I’m interested?

When you are close to the top of a waiting list you will receive details in the post of the available property. You can bid by contacting us by post, phone or email.