We believe that, by working in partnership with other organisations, often far more can be achieved together than any of us would be able to deliver working alone.
IDS has many examples of effective partnership working.

Abrham Cohen Court and The Chief Rabbi

Working with others to provide Jewish housing

As an experienced provider of culturally-specific housing, we are delighted to be able to work with others providing an element of housing for Jewish people on larger, mixed developments.

In 1997 we began to manage Ajex housing association housing which is providing sheltered accommodation for Jewish ex-servicemen and women and their dependents. After several years, the volunteers who ran Ajex HA felt it was time to transfer ownership of the property to IDS and this was completed in April 2006.

In another example of our willingness to work with the changing needs of partner organisations, IDS has worked with Otto Schiff Housing Association since 2003 enabling them to complete the transformation of their organisation. There were complex issues to resolve in this project and the successful outcome demonstrates our flexibility and commitment to work creatively to sustain Jewish housing schemes. Until it was sold in 2010 we managed Otto Schiff sheltered housing in Crouch End and Hampstead and then arranged the transfer of the residents to alternative accommodation mostly within the new Jewish Care complex.

Opening ceremony

Jewish housing schemes at IDS

Family housing

Hackney – Flats and maisonettes at Nathaniel Court, Mountside Walk and a number of street properties

Sheltered accommodation

We have a number of sheltered schemes designed with the needs of elderly Jewish people. These are at:


  • Abraham Cohen Court
  • Charlotte Court
  • Hilary Dennis Court

Stamford Hill

  • AJEX House

We are also the sole trustee and managers of John Golding House in Golders Green which comprises five studio flats.

For all these schemes we currently accept direct applications.

Link to the sheltered housing application form

Information about sheltered housing stock

Or you can telephone the office on 0208 800 9606.