Getting Involved

Tenant participation has been important to IDS for many years and is about making sure that all tenants have a say in the decisions that affect their homes and communities.


What is tenant participation?

Tenant participation is about making sure that all tenants have the opportunity and choice to have a say in the decisions that affect their homes and communities. It may involve you and your neighbours attending the occasional meeting with IDS staff, normally held on your estate, to discuss current issues or changes. It includes taking part in surveys and questionnaires. It could involve becoming a tenant representative, helping form a tenants association or joining the tenants forum.


Meet Fran Jefcoate

Fran Jefcoate with Suzanne Wolfe, IDS Chief Executive

‘Getting involved with my housing association has been a really positive experience, not only has it given me a better understanding of how and why things work the way they do but also the opportunity to take an active role to improve services within my community.  When I started out almost 12 years ago I had no real knowledge of housing except as a resident, but I do have a genuine love of my area and a passion to see it be the best that it can be. My estate was about to go through major regeneration due to a stock transfer so I joined the Steering Group and gradually found my voice and many other ways to get involved.  I now sit on my Estate Board, Joint Estate Panel and Services Committee, with encouragement and support from my landlord I have no achieved a Level 1 qualification for Governance in the Public Sector of which I am very proud but my main role for the last four years has been around contractor monitoring and resident satisfaction, which has aided in making an already good service even better. We are extremely fortunate to have landlords willing to listen to their residents and who value our local knowledge, many people I know are not so lucky and feel ignored and overlooked.  I encourage everyone to engage with your landlord wherever the opportunity arises.  I have found it so rewarding in many ways, having opportunities to broaden my horizons, meet like-minded people, and challenge my misconceptions around social housing and most importantly to do some valuable work within the organisation. I now look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with you and encouraging you to begin your own journeys.’

Youth Activities

Arsenal In The Community

Arsenal In The Community provide activities for young people throughout term time and during summer and half-term holidays too. They hold sessions every week at Evelyn Court


Their coaches are fully qualified and encourage young people to get involved, take part in activities, take responsibility for their actions and behaviour and have fun.  Previous trips have included going to Islington Boat Club, Crazy Golf, Mountain Biking, Paintballing, Go Karting, Kayaking, Football Golf, visit to Adventure Park with Jet Skiing and free tickets to attend matches at the Emirates stadium.


Other Partnerships and activities

We are really lucky to have three community halls across our estates. These can be hired out by not for profit organisations to run events and activities for our residents and members of the community.

The great thing about our sheltered schemes is that there is a sense of community and inclusion. Activities will be advertised on communal notice boards within the scheme.

Recognising tenant participation

We are always keen to help residents get involved. IDS create a fun and friendly atmosphere and want to encourage new people to come forward. If you have a love of your home, want to make a difference and have your voice heard we would love to work with you. Where we can, we will look towards formal qualifications to help you, help us, help improve and sustain quality services.