Generally, if the Social Services Occupational Therapist or your Doctor recommends an adaptation to the premises where you live we will recommend that you make a claim under a “Disabled Facilities Grant” to fund the adaptations you need, your local authority are obliged to pay for such alterations and will also manage the works on your behalf.

IDS staff may be able to assist you with submitting any claim forms.   Consideration may also be given to transferring you to a more suitable property, if adapting your present home is not possible or practical.


Typical adaptations may include:

  • Over-bath showers
  • Level access showers
  • Stairlifts

Other minor adaptations such as lever taps or grab rails may also be installed by us.

If there are other adaptations you are planning on doing yourself, then please let us know as you would need permission first in writing.

Tenants repairs

You are responsible for minor jobs such as:

  • Changing fuses
  • Clearing blocked sinks and protecting against frost in cold weather

Damaged caused

As a tenant, you are responsible for repairing any damage caused by you, your family and guests. We might hold you responsible for the cost of rectifying the following damage, unless there are reasonable grounds to show otherwise:

  • Caused by overflowing sinks, baths and washing machines, blocked drains and damaged waste pipes caused by disposable nappies, plastic bags and so on
  • Broken glass and damage caused by breaking in or domestic accidents
  • Damage to sinks and toilet pans
  • Damage caused by condensation, for example from blocked air vents or by using paraffin or bottled gas heaters, etc
  • Damage caused by a member of your family or visitor by acts of vandalism or negligence

Industrial Dwellings Society's offices will be closed until further notice; however we can be contacted by phone and email. See all our details here. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding during this difficult time.