Environmental considerations

When carrying out large projects for repairs and improvements to IDS’ housing stock there are many issues which require consideration, however, we try to consider the environmental impact of what we do. Examples of this are described below:



Do contractors carrying out the work have an environmental policy?

We try to ensure that contractors we employ have environmental considerations as part of their own policies, these may include such things as:

  • Reducing material waste as much as possible
  • Using recycled materials where appropriate
  • Responsible disposing of waste products


Replacing boilers with high efficiency condensing boilers

IDS has been installing condensing boilers long before it was a legal requirement. These boilers produce less CO² than conventional boilers and use less gas to produce the same amount of heat, thereby saving tenants money on their fuel bills.


Replace windows with sealed double glazed units

Again this is a compulsory requirement, however we always try to specify above the legal requirements for energy efficiency if possible.


Install additional insulation where necessary

When flats become empty and we are aware that they have a large exposed perimeter to the outside such as the end of a block of flats, we specify for the installation of internal dry-lining insulation to the exterior walls of the property. This greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the property, thereby reducing the level of CO² produced in order to keep it warm.


Install ventilation units with heat recovery

Where condensation is a problem in some flats we have installed ventilation systems that extract warm moist air from the kitchens and bathrooms and bring in fresh air from the outside to replace it. The incoming cooler air is heated by outgoing warm air via a heat exchanger within the unit. This reduces the amount of heat lost through the ventilation system and reduces condensation.

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