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What repairs am I responsible for, and what are IDS responsible for?
IDS has the overall responsibility to maintain and repair the structural elements and outside of buildings (including doors and windows) and any communal areas, as well as the heating and electrics of individual homes.

Tenants should maintain internal decoration, make minor repairs, clear blockages in waste pipes and look after your garden.

How can I pay my rent and service charge?

You will need your rent account reference number and card payment details to make a payment to your rent account. If you are unsure of your rent account reference number, please contact us to let us know.


You can download the Resident Portal. All the details can be found on our resident portal page.

You can download the AllPay app

Direct Debit

We can set up a direct debit for you by calling our rents team on 0208 800 9606 (Option 3)

Standing Order

You can also set up a standing order using these bank account details

Sort Code: 60-20-32
Account number: 19418957


We can take a payment over the phone if you call our rents team on 0208 800 9606 (option 3)

Why does my boiler need servicing?
We have a legal responsibility to service your boiler every year to make sure that it is working properly and is safe. Our contractors will let you know two months before the service is due so that a convenient appointment can be scheduled. It is very important that you keep the appointment and allow our contractor to complete the service so that we can make sure your home is safe and that your boiler will continue to work as it should. If you do need to change an appointment ensure to let the service contractor know in good time so an alternative appointment can be arranged for you.

What is involved in an electrical test?
We aim to carry out an electrical test in every tenant’s home, every five years. A test will usually take two operatives 2-3 hours to complete. It is very important that you make and keep the appointment to allow our contractor to complete the testing as this is an essential part of our approach to ensuring residents’ homes are safe. If you do need to change an appointment, ensure to let the service contractor know in good time so an alternative appointment can be arranged for you. 
Why are fire doors so important?
Your flat front door are important for safety as they stop fire and smoke from spreading.

Fire doors will only work if they’re closed, so:

  • Keep them shut when they’re not being used
  • Never wedge or prop them open
  • Never remove or adjust the door closer mechanisms

Please let us know about any faults or damage to the fire doors or closers in your block. You must contact us for permission before altering or changing your front door.

If you are a leaseholder, you are responsible for your own front door and should arrange for a certified contractor to carry out any repairs and maintenance needed and will need to provide us with certification.

Are e-scooters and bikes allowed?
We strongly advise against e-bikes and scooters as the lithium ion batteries they use pose a significant fire risk – in fact, it’s the fastest growing risk of fire in London. If you do have an e-bike or scooter, you can find out how to minimise this risk through the London Fire Brigades’ Charge Safe Campaign. E-bikes and scooters must not be left in the communal areas of blocks, as they could block you and your neighbours’ escape route in an emergency. Any found in communal areas will be removed.
When will I get a new kitchen, bathroom or boiler?
We use information from our stock condition surveys to ascertain when a kitchen, bathroom or boiler needs replacing. In 2023 we started a programme of stock condition surveys across our whole stock and these are due to complete in 2024. Over 800 surveys have already been completed and this has started a programme of works to new kitchen and bathrooms of those surveyed.  This will continue into a rolling programme once the stock conditions for every property have been complete.
Why has the empty property on my estate got a new kitchen?
You may notice that empty properties on your estate will sometimes have a new kitchen, bathroom or boiler installed whilst we are getting the property ready for the incoming tenant and we know this may feel unfair. Th reason we might do this whilst the properties are empty as it is more cost and time effective to do this rather than waiting for a new tenant to move in when that property is due, or soon to be due an upgrade.
Do I need my own contents insurance?
Yes, IDS has responsibility for insuring the building you live in but you are responsible for the contents within it. To help you decide whether home contents insurance is right for you, IDS have teamed up with Thistle Tenant Risks, and Great Lakes Insurance UK Limited who provide the My Home Contents Insurance Scheme, a Tenants Contents Insurance policy designed for tenants living in social housing.

The My Home Contents Insurance Scheme can offer you insurance for the contents of your home including cover for items such as furniture, carpets, curtains, clothes, bedding, electrical items, jewellery, pictures and ornaments.

How do you get further information?

  • Call Thistle Tenant Risks on 0345 450 7288
  • Alternatively, please visit the for more information or to request a call back.
What is sheltered accommodation?
IDS has several estates classed as ‘sheltered accommodation’. Sheltered blocks provide a safe and supportive environment with access to communal facilities for tenants aged 60+. We do not have 24 hour management presence, but warden control services are available if required and each estate does have a dedicated estate manager on site regularly to support and help the tenants to live independently.
I think I have damp and mould in my property, what should I do?
Condensation is caused by water vapour in the air hitting cold surfaces such as walls, and mould often grows on damp surfaces when this happens. Some water vapour is normal, but too much can cause problems. Please let our repairs team, or your estate manager know as soon as possible you have any concerns and we will survey your property. Here are somethings you can do to keep condensation at a minimum. Keeping your home well-ventilated reduces water vapour and by keeping your home heated you can avoid cold surfaces for water to form on. 
I have a problem with pests, can you help?
If you have pests in your property, such as mice or insects, please let our repairs team or your estate manager know and we will arrange for someone to come out and visit you.
How can I apply to be an IDS resident?
The vast majority of our allocations for general needs void properties come via the local authority housing waiting list so it is important you are registered with the relevant local authority in the area you are eligible for housing. We do accept direct nominations for our sheltered accommodation, for those over 60 years of age. You can find a housing application form here.
I am an IDS resident, how can I move?
We do hold a transfer list for our residents to move. You can find a transfer list application form here. As an IDS resident, you can also access home swapper which is a nationwide home swapping portal for anyone in a social or council rented home. You can find more information about options for moving by clicking here.
I am unhappy with a service you have provided, how do I complain?
Sometimes we get things wrong, and we want to know about this to enable us to  put things right for you and learn from it. You can contact us by phone on 0208 800 9606, email at, in writing or speaking to one of our staff on site. To find out more about how we record and manage complaints, please see our feedback page.  LINK