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How do I get housed by IDS?
There are many ways to be an IDS tenant, however to be considered, please view this page for more information.
I want to request help with my rent account / welfare services.
Please click here to view our forms.
Where is the latest newsletter?
We have redesigned our website so that all news is more easily accessible, including update online news, newsletters and events.
Where is the latest annual report?
You can find all the latest annual reports here.
I want to report anti-social behaviour.
If you are unable to deal the problem directly or simply require our help in ASB, please fill out this form and we will help you resolve the matter.
I'm interested in tenant involvement.
We encourage all our tenants to be more engaged in their community, please visit this page for more information in the ways you can be more involved.
I want to know about the compensation policy.
Please click here to view our compensation policy guide.
I want to report an abandoned or sublet property.
Please click here to view our form.
I want to request an image from CCTV.
If you are dealing with a matter that requires access or proof from CCTV, please fill out this form. Click here to view our CCTV policy.
I want to know about the tenant access to files policy.
If you would like more details about your rights and access to files, please click here to view our tenant access to files policy.