How to avoid blocked pipes

July 10, 2017 / Comments Off on How to avoid blocked pipes

Your home

Most blockages are avoidable. You can help us avoid blocked pipes in your kitchen by not disposing of cooking fat, oil or grease down your sink. Remember to remove all fat and grease from pans and dishes with kitchen paper before doing the washing up. As shown, the grease hardens even if put down sinks with hot water or soap.

To avoid your toilet getting blocked please do not ever flush cooking fat, oil or grease, waste food or garden waste, nappies and nappy liners, sanitary products, plastic bags, wrappers, needles, syringes, old clothing or rags, plaster or cement, condoms, paper tissues, multi-purpose wipes, cat litter, cotton wool, cotton pads and buds, paint and
paint thinners.

In most cases, IDS is not responsible for any damage caused to your possessions in the event of a blockage so we strongly recommend that you have household possession insurance. Also you can be re-charged for repairs due to blockages if we have evidence that the blockage was caused by an action of someone in your household. Flushing inappropriate items can also damage the environment causing blockages to the main public sewer, floods to roads and pavements and polluting rivers and streams.