New Gas Contactor

August 20, 2021 / Comments Off on New Gas Contactor


IDS has partnered with Oakray to deliver a quicker and more efficient heating and hot water repairs service.
As from Monday 2nd August 2021 Oakray will attend any heating and/or hot water breakdown within 24 hours of being called out, or within 4 hours if it’s an emergency. If you need a repair please call Oakray on 020 8370 4707. This number can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Oakray will also be carrying out all annual gas boiler servicing. We are required to do this every year to ensure that your heating is working efficiently, to help to avoid breakdowns and to keep you, your family and your neighbours safe.

Oakray will contact you well in advance of the service due date to arrange a convenient appointment for your boiler to be serviced. Please co-operate with them and help us to keep you warm and safe. You can still talk to IDS on 0208 800 9609 if you need to.